Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Show and stuff

If you ever want to get me a gift you might as well go no further then here I love about 17 of these fine t-shirts many make me laugh out loud or lol if you prefer, but I don't prefer lol so please refrain from that ever so popular phrase.

In other news, I am now doing Godspell I'm not super excited about it, well scratch that there are things I do like. One of the best things about the show is the director Michael Todaro who is our new director at school. He's an actor gone director (I think) and he's really quite good. He is about the opposite of my other director who is about 5 foot nothing. Mr. Todaro is a rather large man who could eat my other director. But I say that with the utmost respect because I love both of these people Mr. Todaro or T-Bone as I refer to him (as of this evening) is better know for his role as Dave in the national touring company of the musical The Full Monty
Needless to say this man is giving my school a much needed face lift in the theatre department, he's really good.

Secondly this is the biggest role I have ever played in a musical, I'm Judas and that still does not mean a whole lot to me since I was not the best Sunday school student, more less I did not go

Anyway I got to see a new lost and now it's time for bed

Much Love

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Assistant TO the regional manager

I had a guy help me at jcrew over break who looked like this. I just now realized it since I have been watching the office. I bet only one of my readers gets my title joke.

I recently discovered that I hate Styrofoam cups. There are not many things I hate but I truly hate Styrofoam cups. They are to light and they have a sort of invisible taste. I suppose all taste is invisible, I guess I mean in-taste-able yeah, that’s the one.

Want to be cool? Lissen to Chris Garneau before he gets big, that way when he is big, you can say to your friends "Oh yeah friends, I knew about him forever, I am cooler then you." You can get 7 of his songs for free on his site and one more off of a compelation on the iTunes music store. No one likes a loser, try to be cool and lissen to him.

I am going to start writing more, not now though because I am in class, but soon.

much love


Friday, December 02, 2005


The average American child spends 28 minutes a day coloring and wears down about 730 crayons by the age of 10. Parents and schools purchase 2.5 billion crayons each year.

Wierd huh

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ok I am back

My car
Originally uploaded by luciuso.
So I am back from Paraguay and regreting not writing more about the end of my trip and my trip to BA. However I will not let that get me down, but still it's a bummer

I just returend to school this tuesday, and my room is a closet and by closet I mean very small single, however that is probably the only bad thing so far. I have probably the best scheduel know to man. I am taking Russian Lit, Japanease history, US histroy Civil War, World Relegions, Digital Photo II and my theatre class players. My hardest class right now I think is Digital Photo II because I have not taken 1 and so I have to catch up

Everyone seems to be quite pleased to have me back, even the people that I thought last year did not know I existed, so thats a good feeling. Overall the school has changed for the better, we have a lot of new soccer kids so that helps with diversity amoung the students intrests, something that last year lacked a lot.

What else, Oh I am sort of production manager/ Assistant Director of Antigone, the one act that we are doing and I am fairly excited about that.

so I will try to keep writing now that I am back to a new life style, Culture shock was no good so thats why I did not write when I got back.

Oh thereis a guy from paraguay that goes to my school hes in two of my classe, its cool

anyway, I supose its good to be home

peace out kids


*the photo above is a semi truck, I took this while I was driving, you can see my car in the reflection

My hardest class right now I think is Digital Photo II because I have not taken 1 and so I have to catch up

Monday, November 07, 2005

Buenos Aires....

So, Buenos Aires...

*Is really really sweet.
*The food is amazing and cheap.
*Lots of things are beautiful.
*The people feel the same way about Bush as I do.
*Gay People have equal rights. (I did not know they did anywhere)
*Tango is very sexy.
*My money goes a long way.

I could be happy living here.

love and miss you all


Friday, November 04, 2005


Originally uploaded by luciuso.
So people in Paraguay do not really drink a lot of water or milk, they drink juice all the time, so since I have been here for 4 months I am now drinking juice ALL THE TIME. With every meal we usually have juice or coke. They drink juice with everything, usually orange juice, but often times its more like an orange-ade because it will be a little juice and water and sugar. Sometimes we drink jugo de frutillia or strawberry juice, this is also prety common here and man its probably like the best thing ever, like woa its just that good. Oh and going back to Coke, coke owns paraguay they control the whole cola market, dont even think about getting pepsi or any other type of cola for that matter because you wont find any, no one drinks anything else when it comes to cola. I feel like they drink more soda here then we do in the states. Oh also grapfruit is really popular here, like there are 3 different brands of grapefruit soda, all we have is fresca in the states. Theres also a grapefruit orange flavor of gatorade here, but I think I am the only one who drinks gatorade in paraguay because its ridiculously expesive (about 50 cents more then it is in the states) Gatorade comes in glass bottles here, but the flavors are so awesome so thats why I sometimes indulge in a gatorade now and then. And that my friends is a brife explination of the non alcoholic drinks here in paraguay.

*The picture above is a ham and chese empanada and some juice and bread, people always have empanads with bread, I dont know why, for me its sort of redondant, just more carbs

Thursday, November 03, 2005

yea whatever

ok so I am selfish for comments, sorry pondie and chad, I love my readers.

tonight salsa dancing for the last time......sigh

tomorrow good bye dinner with friends

saturday Buenos Aires

home soon

Sigh again

love and miss you all